(0) Triumph

Triumph is one of the latest and greatest USDA hops to hit the market in the last couple of years. Triumph provides a very diverse flavor profile that can be used in a wide range of beers. With hoppy lagers and cold IPAs gaining traction in the craft beer world, Triumph and its noble lineage and f...

(0) Spring in Idaho Hop Country
Kick-off to the hop season began in early February for Obendorf Hop...
(0) The Power Of Thinking For Yourself
"We are fortunate, as women, sisters, friends, to have the opportunity to thrive in not just agriculture but in hops, which is such a special crop to many around the world." - Diane Gooding, Gooding Farms, Inc.
(0) Same great hops. New fresh look.
In 2020, the Mill 95 Team dedicated a great deal of time developing a better ecommerce experience for our customers, AKA you. Our goal was to create a platform where customers could place orders, manage contracts, connect with their sales rep, pay invoices, share Mill 95 stories, your stories, and connect with the brewing and hop communities.